Small President, Small Man

President Obama’s penchant for blaming everyone but himself for his administration’s failures (pre-eminently George W. Bush, of course) has made him something of a laughingstock. He has, of course, a serious problem: his record is too poor for him to talk about it, and he has no plans for his second term other than more of the same. So he defaults to the blame game.

Michael Ramirez contrasts Obama’s small-mindedness with some of his predecessors:

This video from American Crossroads sounds a similar theme. It is titled “Wah Wahhh”:

And Byron York notes that Obama seems to have forgotten his first year in the White House.

Obama badly needs to turn his campaign around, and no doubt there will be brighter days ahead for him. Still, hard as he may try, he can’t run away from his record.


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