The Carney Connection

We learned over the weekend that the Obama administration has a Commerce Secretary. Who knew?

His name is John Bryson. We learned his name and position when he was involved in a bizarre series of hit-and-run car crashes in southern California this past Saturday. Although his job is to promote American trade, it turns out that Bryson’s car of choice is a Lexus, which Bryson was driving at the time.

Authorities found Bryson unconscious in his Lexus after hitting two vehicles. He was cited for felony hit-and-run, but was not booked and was taken to a hospital.

The Commerce Department said Bryson suffered a seizure in connection with the hit-and-run crashes. The official said later the secretary had never had a seizure before and had a “limited recall of the events.” ABC News asks whether a seizure can account for the accidents.

The Obama administration seems to be hustling Bryan out the door. He has now taken a medical leave from his position in the administration.

On Monday, Obama administration spokesman Jay Carney commented on the situation in his patented style. In the video below, someone near and dear to me has mashed up Carney’s comments with one of the classic scenes from American film.

Despite the apparent gravity of the chain of events, the Washington Post has treated the story with a light touch. The Post asked whether readers “could have coughed up the name of the commerce secretary last week, even if a Jeopardy Daily Double were on the line.” Something from that question is also mashed into the mix.


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