Warren’s trail of tears

Elizabeth Warren must think she’s in some kind of trouble, or maybe just at risk. Why else would she have consented to a one-on-one interview with Sharman Sacchetti of Fox 25 in Boston (video below). Sacchetti has been dogging Warren on her claim that she’s an Indian too.

According to Warren in the interview, she’s been “fighting on behalf of working families” for the past 25 years — “every single day” — which would encompass her time on the faculties of Harvard and Penn Law Schools. How does that work? Maybe Glenn Reynolds or the Volokh conspirators can shed some light.

Watch the wheels spin in Warren’s mind as Sacchetti asks Warren if she will be Massachusetts’s first Native American Senator. (How did Sachetti keep from laughing?) Let’s just say, quoting Jay Nordlinger: “They don’t make Indian senators like Ben Nighthorse Campbell anymore.”

What an odious phony.

Via reader Craig Aspell.

NOTE: If the video isn’t showing up in this post on your browser, please try it at the FOX 25 link in the first paragraph of the post.


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