A gold medal for hypocrisy

Reader Jason Mart writes regarding the story of the Greek triple jumper that John Hinderaker explored here:

I keep waiting for someone to point out the hypocrisy that is the London Olympics and the IOC…

Paraskevi Papachristou — a young and, it would seem, not very politically correct) triple jumper from Greece — is expelled for a childish and stupid re-tweet about Nile virus mosquitoes being able to acquire “homemade food.” She subsequently apologized. Her offense was described by the IOC as “unforgivable.” A lifetime of work and a likely gold metal end up in a dust heap.

Compare and contrast that level of childish non-politically correct behavior with the overt racism of the Lebanese Judo team during a practice session requesting and receiving a separating wall between them and the Israel team.

When combined with the failure to offer up a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes murdered in Munich 40 years ago while honoring the British victims of the train bombings, the International Olympic Committee should be shamed for the incredibly partisan leftist anti-Semitic organization it has become.

In case you missed it, the story regarding the Lebanese Olympic athletes to which Mr. Mart refers is covered by Reuters here (a photo of Israel’s Olympic judo team is at the top).


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