Another Olympic Athlete to Watch

On Saturday, Steve did a post on an early favorite for the 2016 Olympics, Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke, who actually isn’t competing this year in London. But if you haven’t already seen the video, skip the rest of this post, follow the link and check it out.

If Steve was perhaps premature, I’m a little late, since Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco has already competed in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, where she somehow escaped our notice, maybe because she isn’t especially good at throwing the javelin. Still, she returns in 2012, and if, like me, you missed her the last two times around, you’re not too late. Because Miss Franco has two careers–one as an Olympic athlete, and one as a bikini model. She is not exactly obscure–she was in Sports Illustrated’s 2011 swimsuit issue–but, hey, better late than never.

Here she is throwing a javelin:

And here, training in the gym:

And here is Miss Franco pursuing her second career as a bikini model:

Just one of many reasons to watch the Olympic Games!


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