Harry Reid: Dumbest Senate Majority Leader Ever?

That’s a tough question to answer, but at a minimum, Reid must be a contender. Paul has been reviewing the history of the Senate lately, and may have an opinion to offer. But in contemporary terms, Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader is much like Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and then Minority Leader: a head-scratcher. Is this really the best the Democrats can do? Do they not have any Senators or Congressmen who are actually–you know–smart? Competent? Not embarrassing? The bar is low, but apparently Reid and Pelosi are the best they can do.

So this is the latest from Harry Reid. He called a press conference to talk about how we need to raise taxes in order to save the republic, or something. So an intrepid reporter had the temerity to ask Reid why, if raising taxes is such an imperative, the Democrats didn’t do it when they had total control over the levers of Washington power in 2009 and 2010? Reid is flummoxed, and can only respond: “Next question.”

Warning: the sound on the YouTube video is soft, so you have to turn it way up to hear the exchange:

Harry Reid is a buffoon, but it is the fault of the American people that he controls the United States Senate. Which, by the way, has not passed a budget, in violation of federal law, for the last three years. So let’s make sure that as of next January, we have a new Senate Majority Leader.