Hayward on the Interwebs Thursday Afternoon

So, I’ve had a few curious correspondents noting my absence from the page this week asking: Are you back in Bulgaria?  Is your power out again?  Did we miss another “derecho” storm or something?  Is the surf up in California?  Have you eloped?

No to all of the above.  Like two weeks ago when I was teaching an intensive course on foreign policy at the Ashbrook Center in Ohio, this week I’m teaching (solo) an intensive three-hour-a-day course on “American Statesmen” at AEI’s Summer Institute, and the students in the class are very bright and very inquisitive, so I have to prepare my A-game every day.  It has been preventing me from my usual flow of posts here.  I promise to catch up over the weekend, with the Weekly Winston and the latest Green Weenie.

However, I will be coming up for air tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30 pm, with a public lecture for Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship, on the topic “The EPA and Property Rights.”  It will be held in the Kirby Center’s new building at 227 Massachusetts Ave, NE, right across the street from the Heritage Foundation.

Now, you may be saying, “Fat lot of good that does me since I don’t live in Washington, and don’t much like riding the Metro when I’m there anyway.”  You’re in luck: the lecture will be webcast live, so tune in.  Bonus!  You’ll be able to post online questions, which perhaps I’ll be able to answer.  Almost like being there in person.