It’s a wonderful green life

My conservative cousin from New York posted the following on his FaceBook page a while ago:

Governor Cuomo’s plan to boost New York’s economy with casino gambling reminds me of a certain banker played by John Barrymore in the classic film “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Add a few dance halls, Governor, and much of Upstate New York will turn into Pottersville.

[It] looks like Cuomo has updated Henry Potter’s vision and sees government sponsorship of vice as the only way to pay for public employees pensions. Besides, the Green lobby would never allow Cuomo to take the George Bailey route of prosperity through industrial development.

Recall that in the film Bailey got his industrialist pal Sam Wainwright to build a factory in their Upstate New York town. Well, if that happened today the environmentalists would go bonkers delaying the project with years of costly litigation.

Don’t believe me; just take a look at how New York has failed to develop its shale fuel potential. North Dakota is booming while Upstate New York is going down the tubes.

So there you have it, Potter was really a good guy creating green jobs in gambling and prostitution. In the age of climate change hysteria manufacturers like Wainwright and bankers like Bailey are evil. They must be stopped before they destroy the Earth.


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