Media Alert: Show Notes for Tomorrow

Enjoyed a rip-roaring three hours behind the microphone this morning subbing for Bill Bennett on his “Morning in America” radio show, with wide-ranging and provocative conversations with James Bowman, Michael Anton, and Arthur Brooks.  We beat down pretty hard on Brain Ross, Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment, and Hollywood.  I know–low-hanging fruit.

I’m back behind the microphone tomorrow morning from 6 to 9 am, with guests James Pethokoukis, my frequent writing partner Ken Green, Alex Alexiev of the Hudson Institute, and David Brooks of the New York Times (at around 8:35 am).   Doing show prep has kept me from posting here today, but I’ll try to catch up–except that after I finish the show I have to catch a plane back to the Left Coast, so I may be out of internet range for much of the day.

Please call in if you can, and tell Dave, the call screener, that you’re a Power Line reader, in which case I’ll try to bump you to the head of the call line.  Being a Power Line reader ought to have some privileges.

And my thanks once again to Bill Bennett for this wonderful opportunity, and to his great production crew, Chris Beach (producer), Claude Jennings (broadcast engineer and groovemeister), and Dave Wilezol (call screener) for making it run so smoothly.


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