Peter Schweizer crunches the numbers

Our friend Peter Schweizer has looked at President Obama’s daily schedule (released by the White House and posted on Politico) and crunched the numbers (supporting data here):

• Obama has spent less than 4 percent of his total time in economic meetings or briefings of any kind (assuming a six day, 10-hour workweek).

• Obama spent 412 hours (or 41 10-hour workdays) in economic meetings or briefings of any kind.

• There were 773 days (72 percent), excluding Sundays, in which he had no economic meetings or discussions whatsoever

• So far this year, Obama has spent 24 total hours in economic meetings of any kind.

• Throughout his presidency, Obama has spent an average of 138 minutes a week in economic meetings. For comparison, consider that dog owners spend an average of 130 minutes a week walking their dogs.

Peter adds an important note. His researchers used a broad definition of what counted as economic meetings. For example, “Obama meets with Cabinet secretaries” counted as an economic meeting. So did “Obama meets with Democratic members of the House Ways and Means Committee” and “Obama meets with Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairwoman Inez Tenenbaum.”

We’re not necessarily complaining about Obama’s allocation of time. As Peter points out, it’s probably for the best that Obama doesn’t spend more time on economic issues. The guy is hardwired to do the wrong thing.