Steve Unplugged at Hillsdale’s Kirby Center

So last week I delivered a lecture on “The EPA and Property Rights” to Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship up on Capitol Hill, and the good folks at Hillsdale have posted the video of the lecture below.   It’s an hour long, so pour yourself a good glass of wine if you decide to indulge.  Here’s the key paragraph from my “four propositions” about the topic:

My fourth proposition is that this entire problem cannot or should not be viewed in isolation from the broader problem of congressional delegation of authority to the bureaucracy and the perversion of administrative law today—what scholars at Hillsdale, the Heritage Foundation, and elsewhere call “the administrative state.”  Hence, remedies or reforms in the service of protecting property rights need to be conceived within a broader framework of restoring the proper constitutional balance across the board.



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