A suitable mission for Joe Biden

So Vice President Biden won’t be going to Tampa after all. Team Obama planned to dispatch him there to make sure the Dems and their talking points receive exposure during the Republican Convention. But the Obama campaign has cancelled the trip due to Tropical Storm Issac.

Traditionally, presidential campaigns have stepped aside while the opposing party holds its national convention. This courtesy allows each party four days in which to make its case to the American people with a minimum of outside noise.

No one should be surprised that the Democrats decided to abandon this tradition. The decision represents yet another instance in which Obama’s Chicago-style approach has reduced the level of political civility.

However, it is surprising that Obama would send the Vice President of the United States on this dubious mission of diversion and disruption. One would expect that task to fall to a comedic figure, a man of limited gravitas but a large capacity to entertain, instead of . . . .

Oh. Never mind.


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