Annals of Obamacare

We’ve been following the issues raised by the Obamacare regulation requiring employer-provided health insurance plans to provide “preventive services” including abortifacients, contraception, and sterilization. John McCormack notes that the mandate took effect last Wednesday, and triggered the filing of a lawsuit by Wheaton College. David Catron notes that one federal judge has enjoined enforcement of the “preventive services” mandate against Hercules Industries in a lawsuit pending in federal court in Colorado.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is still mulling over a difficult problem: How can it make the provision of abortifacients, contraception and sterilization by religious institutions that oppose it “free” (i.e., at no expense to the institutions). That is to be determined under cover of administrative law in a rulemaking proceeding that will come to fruition on a convenient political timetable which I last wrote about in “Notre Dame v. Sebelius: Ten notes”.

We are like the proverbial frogs in water whose temperature is slowly rising. Obamacare must be destroyed before the water boils us alive.


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