Biden his time

“I’m bidin’ my time,” go the Ira Gershwin lyrics to the George Gershwin tune in the song of the same name. Why is the singer of the song bidin’ his time? “‘Cause that’s the kind of guy I’m,” is the explanation.

Today’s news brings renewed speculation on whether there is a place for Joe Biden on the Obama 2012 ticket. Why? ‘Cause that’s the kind of guy he’s.

Biden is a joke. He proves it on a daily basis. Now more than ever. If it’s a contrast election we’re going to have, Biden amplifies the contrast in a manner that can’t be helpful to Obama. He is at best “a zero to the left,” as (my wife tells me) the Spanish expression cero a la izquierda has it. I.e., unlike a zero to the right, he adds nothing of value.

Will Obama dump him? I think he will, in a heartbeat, if internal polling shows that Ms. Hillary would help him. Obama is a cold guy and Biden has done nothing but embarrass him.

Would Ms. Hillary on the ticket help Obama? I think she would. Which leads me to believe that Biden will be bidin’ his time elsewhere whether Obama wins or loses in November.


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