CNN: Will the Last Viewer Please Turn Out the Lights?

CNN’s viewership continues to tank:

CNN was down double digits across the board in July. Compared to July 2011, the network is -20% in Total Viewers and -23% in A25-54 in Total Day. In primetime, CNN is down -23% in Total Viewers and -26% in the demographic.

So how do they respond? They’re giving Anderson Cooper’s daytime show a “makeover,” including a name change.  They’re going to call it “Anderson Live” instead of “Anderson.”  No kidding?  Wow, that should really turn things around!  Maybe they should skip the drama and merge with Newsweek.  (Heh.)

The show will apparently include regular guest-hosts.  So I’ll repeat my previous suggestion: sign up Hugh Hewitt (a TV broadcast veteran from KCET in LA) or Mark Steyn (who could do anything) as guest hosts, and watch your ratings improve.  The probability of this happening is asymptotically close to Zero, of course.