Die Wüste wächst?

Okay, so this Der Spiegel headline is in German.  What’s in the story?  Some familiar themes, as related by our translator P. Gosselin at NoTricksZone.com:

Undisputed is that the desert is growing…the Sahara in some places has expanded southwards by 48 km…24 million people in Mauritius , Senegal, Mali, Niger and Chad are threatened with starving to death.

Meteorologists and climate scientists have another reason for the catastrophe: the changing world climate.

…Not only in the Sahel region, but also in Northwest India and over Hokkaido…the summertime monsoons have been almost completely absent since 1970.  (Emphasis added.)

So far, so good.  Snore.  But wait . . . what’s this?

…The climate in the northern hemisphere, explained Dr. Reid Bryson, Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin, is cooling slowly but steadily. After the the mean temperature made a step upwards since the turn of the century, there’s been a comparably rash temperature drop over the last 20 years: On average temperature dropped from 16 to 15,7°C (see graphic).

For Iceland, which is considered to be a sensitive climate indicator, Bryson and Icelandic meteorologist Berg Torssen calculated the climate changes back to 900 A.D. … Since the middle of this century, average temperatures dropped faster than at any time over the last 1000 years, by around 1°C.

Heh.  This Der Spiegel article dates from 1974.  Keep this in mind when a Climateer tells you no one believed in global cooling back in the 1970s.

(Hat tip: ClimateDepot.)



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