Douglas Wilder rips Biden for slavery reference

Douglas Wilder, Virginia’s first and only African-American governor, took Vice President Biden to task for his claim that Mitt Romney will put “y’all back in chains.” Wilder called Biden’s remark “divisive” and “uncalled for.” Slavery, he added, “is nothing to joke about.”

Wilder also focused on something I missed. By saying that “y’all” would be back in chains, Biden implied that the bad stuff Romney supposedly would rain down isn’t going to happen to him, but to rather to “y’all.” Wilder clearly was offended by Biden’s patronizing attitude. Wilder urged Biden to speak to people as if they are “equals.”

Wilder, who has criticized Biden before, acknowledged that the Vice President is gaffe prone. But with “gaffe after gaffe after gaffe,” Wilder worries that Clueless Joe will harm the president.