Five policy differences between Romney and Ryan

The Washington Post finds few policy differences between Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but has identified five.

First, Ryan supported the auto industry bailout four years ago, while Romney opposed it.

Second, Ryan opposes abortion under all circumstances except when the procedure is necessary to save the mother’s life. Romney favors that exception, plus exceptions in cases of rape and incest.

Third, Ryan has advocated eliminating the capital gains tax. Romney would cut the capital gains tax, but not eliminate it.

Fourth, Ryan has voted againt allowing same-sex couples to adopt children. Romney has said he is “fine” with such arrangements.

Fifth, Ryan voted for a law that would have banned workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. Romney says this is an issue for states to decide. Therefore, he does not support a federal law.

As always, the position of the presidential candidate trumps that of his running mate. But for those keeping score, Romney takes the more conventionally conservative position on two of the five issues, while Ryan does so on three of them. On economic issues, each takes the more conservative position in one of two instances. On social matters, Ryan is more conventionally conservative on two of the three issues.


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