From the memory hole

Reader Jeryl Bier makes a good catch in a post (with relevant graphics) over at his Speak With Authority blog, and Paul Bedard picks it up in his Washington Secrets column for the Examiner:

A college degree just lost some value, according to the Obama-Biden campaign website.

Overnight, the expected income of a degree touted by the campaign dropped $5,000, to just $45,000, hardly worth it some might say when up against the median family income average of $45,800.

The changes hit the new Obama education webpage without notice and followed another that removed the word “expensive” from a sentence on where children want to go to school. The opening line used to read: “My child wants to go to an expensive college. Can she afford it?”

Maybe because it sounded too elitist, it now reads, “My child wants to go to college. Can she afford it?” The campaign made the appropriate adjustments from “expensive” to cheaper schools, calculating that loan debt from an expensive school would be $65,000, while the cheaper schools would result in $50,000 in debt.

The swap was caught by blogger Jeryl Bier who said on his Speak With Authority website, “I guess it occurred to someone that ‘My Child wants to go to an expensive college’ sounded just a tad snooty? Mocking Mitt Romney for the responsible advice of ‘borrow money from your parents’ or just ‘shop around’ for a college education you can afford is one thing. A perky ‘Yes, I can afford an expensive college because of Barack Obama!’ is quite another,” he wrote.

He was referring to comments Obama made in Ohio Tuesday about Romney’s college loan plan.

UPDATE: Mr. Bier returns to the subject today with a post noting that Obama’s plan to reduce student loan payments doesn’t even require debtors to cover the interest on their loans! And the debt is forgiven after 20 years! And he claims the plan reduces the federal deficit! It’s breathtaking.”