How about some good news on the Senate front?

With the Missouri Senate race now trending Democratic, we Republicans can use some good news on the Senate polling front. Fortunately, some exists.

First, Tommy Thompson, now the Republican nominee in Wisconsin, leads Democrat Tammy Baldwin by 54-43 in a Rasmussen poll. Thompson is a Wisconsin political powerhouse, and good bet to move that seat into the Republican fold.

Second, Scott Brown leads Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts by 49-44 in Masschusetts, according to PPP. That’s the first thing close to daylight I’ve seen between these two candidates in a while. The race, however, should still be regarded as a toss-up.

Third, and most surprisingly, Republican Pete Hoekstra leads incumbent Democrat Debbie Stebenow in Michigan by 48-46 in a survey taken by a company called FMW. This is the same outfit, and the same sample, that has Romney leading Obama in Michigan. I think we should wait for more polling before getting excited about Hoekstra’s prospects.

Fourth, in Montana, Power Line Pick Six candidate Denny Rehberg leads incumbent Democrat Jon Tester by 47-43 in the latest Rasmussen poll. This seems to be the first poll of this race in about two months. The result is consistent with previous Rasmussen polling of the race.

On the negative side of the ledger, Republican Connie Mack trails incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida by a substantial margin — 47-40 — according to Rasmussen. The polling of this race has produced significant fluctuations, but the most recent Quinnipiac poll also has Nelson up by 7 points.

With Missouri and possibly Florida slipping away, a Rehberg in Montana victory becomes a critical piece of any scenario in which Republicans win control of the Senate. If you would like to contribute to the Rehberg campaign, you can do so here.

I just did. It’s a good way to relieve that Akin feeling.

UPDATE: I’ve corrected the donation link for the Rehberg campaign. The earlier link was to a PAC called Coalition of Americans for Political Equality (CAPE). It got my donation. I apologize for the error.

I’ve also spoken with a representative of CAPE, the PAC to which I originally linked. Its representative says that contributions will be used to support Rehberg, but through its efforts, not those of the Rehberg campaign. The PAC is willing to refund contributions made by readers who used the link I initially provided. I have not requested a refund, but it’s quite understandable that readers might want to.

You can contact the PAC to request a refund or to obtain more informatin by calling 202-640-1566, or you can email [email protected] The PAC’s website is You can learn more about its practices relating to obtaining donations through the internet here.


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