Mia Love wows MSNBC

Mia Love is one of “The Power Line Pick Six” that you see featured on the right side of our home page. Love is a deeply conservative candidate with a great life story. Born in Brooklyn to parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti, she became a Mormon, moved to Utah, and eventually was elected mayor of Saratoga Springs, a town of about 18,000. She now bids for election to Congress from Utah’s Fourth District. If successful, she will be the first African-American female member of Congress to be a Republican. Earlier this year, she trounced her Republican opponents for the seat at the Utah Republican Party Convention, winning more than 70 percent of the vote.

Recently, MSNBC featured a five minute story about Mia Love, calling her a potential rising star in the Republican Party. It is surprisingly fair-minded, I think. The respect MSNBC showed her is a good sign. This is someone who must be taken seriously.

MSNBC assessed Love’s chances of unseating the Democratic incumbent, Jim Matheson, as 50-50 or maybe a little better, given Mitt Romney’s popularity in Utah. We see it as a toss-up, and a very important one.

Paul Ryan has already hosted a fund-raiser for Mia Love, and Ann Romney is strongly backing her candidacy. The Party will feature her at the Convention in Tampa.

You can contribute to the effort to elect Mia Love here.

And here is the MSNBC story.