Missouri may not be the only Senate race that’s slipping away

There’s bad polling news from Florida. A recently released Quinnipiac poll puts incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson 9 points ahead of Republican challenger Connie Mack, 49-41. This follows a Rasmussen poll that has Nelson up by 7 points.

On the positive side, Quinnipiac’s poll of the Wisconsin Senate race shows Tommy Thompson leading Democrat Tammy Baldwin by 6 points, 50-44.

And in Ohio, Republican Josh Mandel (a “Power Line Pick Six” candidate) is hanging in there in his race against Sherrod “As far left as Socialist Bernie Sanders” Brown. Quinnipiac has Brown leading Mandel by 7 points, but a University of Cincinnati poll puts Mandel within 1 point of the leftist Democrat.

It seems to me that if Romney picks up steam in Ohio, the Senate race will tighten even more, giving Mandel a decent shot at unseating Brown.


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