Remember What A REAL Recovery Looked Like?

When Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984, he won in a landslide, carrying 49 states. Why? Because he had a great record to run on. His free-market policies led to explosive economic growth that blew away the stagflation of the Carter years and reinvigorated the American spirit. Reagan ran on a simple platform–freedom brings prosperity–as this ad from Americans For Prosperity reminds us:

Barack Obama can’t run a campaign like Ronald Reagan’s because he hasn’t gotten Reagan’s results. He hasn’t gotten Reagan’s results because he hasn’t implemented Reagan’s policies. Obama’s policies have been designed to limit freedom and increase dependence on government. If those were his goals, they have been spectacularly successful. But less freedom and more government have never led to prosperity, and never will. That is why Obama can’t talk about his record, and instead devotes his campaign to fabricating malicious smears against his opponents.


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