Romney is right, culture matters, Part Four

Bill Clinton agrees that culture is an important factor in the economic problems experienced by the West Bank. Seth Mandel at Commentary recalls that Clinton took this very view in a speech to the American Jewish World Service in 2007:

Clinton expressed his frustration that the Palestinians in Gaza possess some of the most beautiful beaches he’s ever seen, beaches that could be tourism cash cows, if only they could get their act together. He also noted that the Palestinians chose to destroy much of the infrastructure Israel left behind after the 2005 disengagement, rather than use it and build on it as free capital.

Their obsession with violence and warfare, he noted–not just against Israel but against each other as well–was destroying their development. Then he said this: “Those of us who are in a position to know better, and have the circumstantial freedom to do better, have a very real obligation to act on what we know.”

That’s a bit condescending towards the Palestinians, no? Yet, the speech drew no criticism, nor should it have.

Clinton and Romney have the right line on what is holding the Palestinians back. President Obama and his shills in the mainstream media have the wrong line.


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