The Freeh report challenged

Twenty-nine former chairs of the Penn State faculty Senate have blasted Louis Freeh and the NCAA in connection with their actions in response to the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal. As to Freeh’s report, they state: “On a foundation of scant evidence, the report adds layers of conjecture and supposition to create a portrait of fault, complicity, and malfeasance that could well be at odds with the truth.”

That’s an excellent description of, at a minimum, the portions of the Freeh report that pertain to Joe Paterno.

The former faculty leaders take the NCAA to task for relying on, and embellishing, the Freeh report to impose sanctions that harmed not just the athletic department, but Penn State’s academic well-being and financial health. Spot-on again.

The University must have believed it needed to go along with the NCAA’s sanctions to avoid even more draconian ones. Still, it’s disappointing that Penn State knuckled under. Maybe another party can find a way to sue the NCAA over this.

As for Penn State itself, how much can we expect from an institution that, in the aftermath of the Sandusky scandal, has decided to stop playing “Sweet Caroline” at football games. You know:

Touching hands
Reaching out
Touching me
Touching you