The Senator Harry Reid wants most to protect

I have offered my take on the Senate battlefield, but Harry Reid’s view is worth far more than mine. And from what I’m hearing, the Senate Majority Leader is fixated on the Montana race, in which the incumbent Democrat Jon Tester is trying to hold off challenger Rep. Denny Rehberg.

There isn’t much Reid can do right now by way of passing legislation or even getting judicial nominees confirmed this close to a presidential election. This leaves him with ample time to make reckless and absurd allegations against Mitt Romney and play the Godfather on behalf of a protege.

Legislatively, he can also call for votes designed to make Democratic Senators look and good and Republican Senators not so good. I’m told that, on this front, helping Sen. Tester is Reid’s top priority. Indeed, some say its Reid’s top priority, period.

My analysis of the Senate battleground shows, I think, the centrality of the Montana race. Tester’s victory in 2008 proved to be a necessary condition for the Dems gaining control. Holding the Montana seat may be a necessary condition for retaining control.

Virginia and Massachusetts are also vital. But there’s nothing Reid can do for the Dems in Virgina, where neither candidate is a current U.S. Senator. And in Massachusetts, incumbent Republican Scott Brown seems prepared, understandably, to vote with the Democrats and the Maine Republicans for the duration of the session to the extent necessary. Meanwhile, Republicans, understandably, are prepared give Brown a pass. So Reid can’t do much to influence this race.

Thus, Montana is where the crafty Majority Leader focuses. If you wish to counter Reid and defeat his guy, you can contribute to the Rehberg campaign here.


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