The Dems double down on leftism

I live watched the first night of the Dems’ Convention so you wouldn’t have to. Of course, you don’t have to read my live-bloging of the proceedings either.

Tonight’s festival made for painful viewing. But I was heartened by this fact: the Dems doubled-down on their key positions — e.g., abortion, gay marriage, Obamacare, and the primacy of the federal government.

Since FDR’s time, the Democrats have been a party that stands for something, but Democrats haven’t always been willing publicly to say what that is. Tonight, with a few exceptions — most notably Israel — they were forthcoming. That’s the way our political parties should be.

Obama is an ideologue first and a politician second. He has stamped that character on his party, or at least on its 2012 convention.

Of course, the Dems didn’t say what new, specific leftist ideas they will promote if Obama gains the “flexibility” that comes with reelection. But they were avowedly leftist enough tonight to construe Obama’s reelection, if it occurs, as a mandate for four years of God knows what liberal mischief.


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