Caught on Jerusalem, Dems Backtrack [UPDATE: They Bring God Back Too, as Delegates Boo]

As we noted here, this year’s Democratic Party platform contained significant policy changes on the Middle East, abandoning any reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and going soft on Hamas. Apparently the Dems thought no one would notice.

Now, stung by the criticism they have received, the Dems are beating a retreat. NBC reports that the Democrats will reinstate support for Jerusalem aas Israel’s capital in their platform via floor amendment.

Is it just me, or do you think that if the Dems ever had the “flexibility” to say what they really think and do what they really want to do, they would be unrecognizable as an American political party?

UPDATE: The Dems have added God back into the platform, too! Delegates voted heavily against adding Jerusalem and God back into the platform, and booed the announcement that the amendments had passed. What a disaster for the Dems!