Chronicles of Ineptitude, Chapter 5

It will take some doing to top this ineptitude

Continuing our occasional series of roundups of notable ineptitude in our world, how about the news that Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder is “very upset” by Mitt Romney’s comments about the 47 percent.  Now, my first mentor in Washington, the great M. Stanton Evans, explained to me when I was 22 years old that when there is a hot political controversy, the first thing to do is to find out what rock stars think about it—people like Bono (though Stan explained to me recently on the phone that he liked Bono better when he was still with Cher).  Because rock stars are Very Important People.  Just ask them—and their fans—and they’ll tell you so.  Stan reminded me that Katy Perry weighed in on Obamacare with the enlightened opinion that “health care should be free.”  Surely this is correct.  On the other hand, Stan wanted to ask Katy Perry why Katy Perry concerts aren’t free.  Shouldn’t rock concerts be free, too?  Especially since the people who perform are So Important.  And Wise.  If Romney really wants to upset rockers, he should propose “Rockercare,” with price controls on rock concerts, along with mandates and subsidies for less appreciated musical genres such as polka.  Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of posers.

This story is just too much fun: Obama’s (and Jerry Brown’s) dreams of high-speed rail look to be coming undone by . . . environmental impact statements.  Yup.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of do-gooders.

So, remember the old Milton Friedman/Ronald Reagan joke about how if the Soviet Union took over Saudi Arabia after a few years there’d be a shortage of sand?  Well guess what?  Venezuela, which has one of the largest proven oil reserves in the world, is having to import oil and petroleum products because their socialized oil industry is so corrupt and inept.  Couldn’t happen to a more loathsome bunch of socialist twits.

Finally, from our friends at the John William Pope Center in North Carolina, a list of the top ten most dubious majors: “You Majored in What?”  Back in my college days people used to joke about “Underwater Basketweaving” as a frivolous major, but did you know that at Duke University you can major in Canadian Studies?  Well, considering it is Duke, I suppose majoring in Canadian Studies would make you more sensible, and maybe more employable, than Criminology as it was taught there a few years back.  The other nine on the list sound crazy, but actually might be useful, like Poultry Science at NC State University.  I want my buffalo wings done by the best science available!


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