Chronicles of Ineptitude, Special DNC Edition

So we know Sandra Fluke thinks free contraception should be a fundamental right (paid for by someone else, of course), but guess what else she thinks should be a taxpayer-funded right: sex-change operations.  From The Daily Caller:

In an academic article published last year, contraception advocate Sandra Fluke made the case that private health insurers should be required to pay for sex change operations.

Fluke and co-editor Karen Hu advocated remaking U.S. law to remove what they called a “gender bias” at the root of denying coverage for “transgender medical needs,” describing it as “a prime example of direct discrimination.”

Regular Power Line reader RS writes in to ask, “Is this all part of the Democrats’ attempt to appeal to ‘swing’ voters?”  Heh.

Oh why not? A federal judge has “discovered” a right to sex change operations for . . . federal prisoners.  It was right there in the Constitution all along, somwhere in those infamous emanations and penumbras where the Framers so cleverly hid so many rights—this time in the 8th Amendment’s proscription of cruel and unusual punishment.  I have a question for Mr. Cass Sunstein: when will taxpayers be able to invoke their right against cruel and unusual punishment to stop being asked to pay for everything?  Yeah, that’s what I thought the answer would be.

And how can the Democrats possibly feel good about partying it up in Charlotte when over a hundred thousand people (many of them minorities!) are still without electricity on the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Isaac?  Have they no sensitivity for human suffering?  (No, stupid—they just have double standards. It’s only Republicans who aren’t allowed to have a convention when there’s a storm on. The mainstream media told me so.)

And if things are on the right track and getting better, why do the number of people on Food Stamps keep making record highs every month?

And how’s this for clueless criminality: a group of hapless thieves stole Joe Biden’s Secret Service equipment van in Detroit.  The number of possible punch lines here approaches infinity.

Oh what the heck, I can't resist. . .



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