Fast talk in the Hot Box

We last checked into the Valley News Live/KVLY/KXJB/Fargp/Grand Forks Hot Box with Chris Berg to watch Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie defend his opposition to Minnesota’s proposed constitutional amendment requiring photo identification for voting. Ritchie had to do some fast taking to escape only slightly scathed. I posted the video and wrote about Ritchie’s appearance here. Berg subjected Ritchie to a more rigorous interview by far than he has ever received from anyone in the Minnesota press.

This week Democratic North Dakota Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp entered the Hot Box with Berg. In order to maintain her viability, Heitkamp has to do some fast talking to dissociate herself from her party. Heitkamp shows just how fast she can talk in order to avoid this week’s embarrassments brought to her campaign courtesy of the Democratic National Convention.

Heitkamp’s opponent Rick Berg is one of our Pick Six candidates. After watching the video, you may want to lend Berg a hand. To support his campaign, please go here.

Via Say Anything.