Fools and knaves, part 4

The great Iowahawk has emitted several Tweets inspired by events of the past week. Here is one that I believe is keyed to the performance of the execrable Susan Rice today: “Just once, I’d like to see an administration official on TV who doesn’t make me wonder how the f*** they got that job.” If the pronoun had agreed with its antecedent, I’m guessing that would probably have read “how the f*** she got the job.”

Here is one that ties the quotable Barack Obama together with Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, f/k/a Sam Bacile: “When you stop and think about it, that guy couldn’t have made his crappy anti-Islam video without government roads and bridges.”

And here is one that conjures up a bit of alternative history to help prevent us from forgetting Obama’s nauseating performance this past week: “December 7, 1941: FDR flies to Hollywood for fundraiser at Clark Gable’s house, says ‘Obviously, we are all heartbroken’ over Pearl Harbor.”