Grill a Burger, Go to Jail–The Video Sequel

With my post earlier in the week about how environmental regulators have designs on grilled burgers, I thought perhaps the best way to end the week was with a totally transgressive meal of grilled red meat and decanted red wine (I mean, what would Michelle and the climate campaigners say?), accompanied by a background Beat beat (you’ll see).  So, here it is–from Power Line Films, a 2 minute preview of the kind of nonsense that might occur if we ever get our Power Line Wine Weekend off the drawing board (plus a preview of coming attractions at the end):

JOHN adds: Steve, this is a wonderful post, one of the all-time greats. But don’t keep us in suspense–who is playing the cello?

STEVE answers: It is none other than the person who Hugh Hewitt routinely refers to as “the lovely and talented Allison Hayward,” or “TLAT Allison” around our house.  Took up learning string instruments recently as a hobby.