Is Elizabeth Warren Martha Coakley with a fake ethnicity? Part Three

A reader who is closely following the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race offers these observations:

In the beginning of the campaign when Warren was struggling with her lies about her fake indian roots, her candidacy was as deep as a kiddie pool. She was like a broken record spouting the same exact [lines] over and over and over no matter what the question to her was. If you asked her about the heat and humidity, she’d go into her spiel about the middle class getting “hammered”. Hammered was her key word, for a LONG time until people started making fun of her for it, now she never says it.

That line of attack did not seem to find any traction at all, so now it’s Warren’s version of the war on women theme. For the past 3 weeks or so she has been running commercials on the war on women and sticking to those talking points in any interview. Yesterday at the Labor Day parade in a town west of Boston which will go to Brown pretty strongly she was asked a question and gave the talking points.

The war on women is a great example of her aimless campaign. She has no real reason to run other than Obama and some Washington political talking heads thought it was a good idea. Her whole campaign is forced; she is not natural and it’s clear she is running for her own aggrandizement and not for some noble reason. . . .

Brown [is] the perfect Republican for Massachusetts. Brown has 2 very attractive, well-raised girls in their early 20’s (one. . .finished high on American Idol, had a full basketball scholarship to BC and now is trying for a singing career). His wife is Gail Huff was a well known tv reporter in Boston for 20+ years, and is very well liked by everyone. Brown brushes off. . .the war on women theme with his living with three women, and his wife does the same.

He is near teflon on every subject because of his personal/family background, but as stated in your piece, he is a moderate. Warren should be running on what she can do for people rather than all the talk about [Brown’s “extremism”] because that just doesn’t sell.

Over the weekend the incompetent state party chair distracted the campaign even more and set Brown up to look even better with how he handled the stupid comments [about Brown folding clothes like “an honorary girl”]. At the DNC, Warren is being dogged by the fake indian issues again.

Warren seems to think the indian questions are a past issue that she has sufficiently answered. They are not, as she has never addressed them directly. Everyone, even her supporters know she lied about being native american to get ahead in her career. This undercuts everything about her candidacy as she has zero credibility.

Brown has been on local radio a few times recently and although he will not get into specific debate tactics as he said, Warren needs to release her employment record with Harvard and Penn to answer the question of whether she received preferential treatment. He’s going to hit her with that at the debate and she will be dogged by the press to release the records to clear the air. Brown can simply say if she did nothing wrong, why is she unwilling to release them. That will be the end of the campaign as the D’s will turn on her in the closing weeks as they see the certain loss.

I think she is actually worse than Coakley to answer you question. She’s slightly smarter but a far worse candidate for a number of reasons. They really made a mistake clearing the field for her too. Romney is stronger because of the tough primary, he worked out the bugs and took the attacks. Warren has never been challenged at all. When she is challenged by the press, during the first round of indian issues, she gets very shrill and defensive. She isn’t relaxed, she stiffens and comes across very poorly.


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