Live from Minneapolis with Mary Kiffmeyer

I caught up with former Minnesota Secretary of State and current state Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer before the Federalist Society debate featuring National Review columnist John Fund and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. I mentioned Rep. Kiffmeyer yesterday in “Photo ID: Women, minorities hardest hit.” She was the sole voice of reason quoted in Jim Ragsdale’s pathetic Sunday Star Tribune story on the proposed Minnesota photo identification constitutional amendment.

Rep. Kiffmeyer is not only the former Minnesota Secretary of State, she was a principal sponsor of the proposed constitutional amendment in the legislature and a party to the successful litigation against Mark Ritchie that blocked Ritchie’s shenanigans seeking to undermine it. As the former Secretary of State, she is familiar with the factual background that calls for the amendment. She kindly consented to talk about the background of the amendment in the video below.


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