Meanwhile, Back In the Real World…

Those who pay way too much attention to politics are absorbed with a 60-second clip of Mitt Romney talking about dependence vs. independence, which I suppose makes it a good day for the Democrats–every day when people aren’t talking about the economy is a good day, unless they are talking about murdered ambassadors.

So let’s hope that far away from the beltway buzz, millions of Americans are watching this ad, released today by the Romney campaign, called “Prairie Fire.” All of the lies, distraction and finger-pointing in the world won’t make $16 trillion in debt go away, and the Democrats won’t even adopt a budget:

And also this one, titled “Dear Daughter,” a terrific ad which also mentions the debt but deals more broadly with Obama’s war on women:

The Democrats will do everything they can to knock Romney off his stride, but if he keeps his focus, ads like these should help put him over the top.


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