Mitt Romney — Bill Clinton’s latest enabler

John noted yesterday that Monica Lewinsky reportedly will write a tell-all book about her affair with Bill Clinton. I agree with John that Lewinsky’s book probably won’t have much impact on Clinton’s standing. The political market has already discounted for the immorality of “Slick Willie.”

To be sure, any reminder that our leading “elder statesman” is, among other things, a liar and a perjurer will be welcome. It would be nice, though, if someone also reminded us that Clinton’s allegedly successful presidency failed to deal with the two most important problems the country faced during his eight years in office: the rise of Islamic terrorism directed at the U.S. and the entitlement time bomb.

Meanwhile, why has Mitt Romney agreed to participate in the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative on Sept. 25? His participation promotes the notion that Clinton is a trans-partisan do-gooder. But Clinton is the Democrats’ most effective partisan. Moreover, he is bent on installing his wife in the Oval Office in 2017. If Romney loses this year, Clinton will have helped bring about his defeat. If Romney wins, Clinton will constantly be trying to undermine him so as to pave the way for a Hillary challenge in 2016. In neither scenario will Romney’s participation in a Clinton-fest reflect well on him.

Clinton aspires to be both a player and a referee in our politics. Worse, he has the intellect and force of personality to just about pull it off. Worse still, Mitt Romney seems willing to help pave Clinton’s way.


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