My New Gun

I once was kibitzing with a salesman in the firearms department of the Gander Mountain where we shoot, when he said offhandedly that “No one ever buys just one gun.” I now understand why this is true. So this morning my son and I, both relative novices when it comes to firearms, drove north of the Twin Cities to a small town along the Mississippi River where a friend of mine has a gun shop and delivers first-rate firearms training. We inspected and test-fired several 9 mm. pistols; after a couple of hours, my son bought me, as a birthday present, an ArmaLite AR-24. We liked it because it handled easily and we shot more accurately with it than others we tested. Plus, I just thought it was a beautiful gun. Here it is:

My son, meanwhile, picked up a gun suitable for carrying, a Kahr. I think it may have been this one. It is a 9 mm., in any event:

Super-attentive readers may have noticed that a little over a month ago, I bought my son a Ruger for his birthday. Now he has reciprocated by buying me an ArmaLite for mine. Some might be so cynical as to suggest that this disinterested gift exchange was merely a ploy to sneak two guns past the guardian of the checkbook. But our readers could hardly have such a low view of human nature!

So, anyway, we will take our new firearms to the range either tomorrow or Monday.


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