…non licet Bovee?

The old Latin experession, frequently cited by Bill Buckley, has it that “Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi.” Translated literally, it means: “What is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to bulls.” More loosely, it can be translated: “What is allowed a god is not allowed a dog.” The saying represents a recognition of the reality principle or a testament to the permanence of double standards.

The saying comes to mind in connection with our left-wing trolls. First and foremost among them is one Caley Bovee, who commented (sort of) several times on “Lives saved or preserved.” Her initial comment on the post reads: “Shut up Scott Johnson you disgusting American hater. You don’t respect other peoples religions or American values. Take your free speech and shove it up your azz.” Sic, sick, sic.

A reader wrote yesterday complaining that Ms. Bovee’s comment had crossed the line and asking me to talk some sense to her or ban her. I agreed, but thought it better to let her reveal herself in her gory glory than to remove the comment or ban her.

Our reader signed off with a quasi metaphysical question. Do these trolls exist, or exist as advertised under their screen names? He commented: “It’s pretty obvious that the Caley persona is one of many. Brandon Qwerty, JP Mann, the other Mann teeth avatar, and Graeme McNeil…” Faithful readers, comment away.

STEVE adds: Scott, Scott, Scott!!  You’re close to giving away our biggest traffic generating secret!  No such person as Caley Bovee actually exists.  (It’s rather obvious if you think about it.)  “Caley Bovee” is the product of our genius Computer-Algorithm-Comment-Aggregator (CACA for short–patent pending), designed with the sole intention of upping our comment traffic and page views.  Didn’t you get the memo?  Now we’re going to have to change the name, and establish a new identity for our phantom troll (though as you let on, beta testing for several successors–Brandon Qwery, etc–is already under way.)


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