Random Thoughts for a Saturday Afternoon

As with any performance art, people will disagree forever about how Clint Eastwood’s star turn should be understood.  All I’ll add finally is that when a whole new meme springs up overnight—on ho!—he’s “Eastwooding” us!—you score that as: “Win.”  Whether the Democrats take up my suggestion that they answer with Betty White, I guaran-darn-tee you a lot of Dems (and MSNBC reporters, but I repeat. . .) will take the Eastwood bait, and counter the empty chair with slams at Romney for being an empty suit.  If I had an slave intern, I have him/her watch the entire convention with a clicker to get a complete count.  Whether they RNC meant to or not, I’m guessing they got in the heads of Democrats with this amazing spectacle.

Even better challenge: how many empty chairs would it take to fill the empty space inside Chris Matthews’ head?  There’s probably a Steyn-like metaphor about not enough deck chairs around to survive the titanic catastrophe of Matthews’ sinking mind.  Even the Puffington Host noticed the guy is losing his grip.

Speaking of guaran-darn-tee, the latest outrage of autocorrect occurred the other day when a text message to my local bartender about needing more Laphroaig—the greatest single-malt there is—got rendered “lap groaning” instead, much to the confusion of my local liquor purveyor.  Sounds more like what you get at a plus-sized strip club.  But memo to self: lay in a lot of Laphroaig for next week; I’ll need it to get through the DNC.  See you at Power Line Live next week; snifter in hand, served neat, of course.  No lap groaning.  Just plain old regular groaning about senescent liberalism.

Good news: Al Gore has called for an end to the electoral college!  That’s the best guaran-darn-tee yet that this venerable republican institution will survive.  Even if he didn’t utter this on CurrentTV, which is the most clever cover evah for the federal witness protection program, his endorsement would still be sufficient to make me sleep better at night.

Hey–this “Eastwooding” stuff is kinda fun.  And not that hard to do.


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