RVP at an All Time High

A fitting tribute to the Senate Democratic Leader

Little did I know that just days after my post on “Reid Vapid Pressure,” Harry Reid would sink to an all time low, even for him.  Yesterday Reid said on a media conference call that Romney had “sullied” Mormonism.  Reid said he agreed with a Puffington Host columnist that “[Romney] is not the face of Mormonism.”

Normally I do not spend much time evaluating the fidelity of people who belong to other denominations than my own, but I’m pretty sure Reid has this about as arse-backwards as you can possibly get it.  I’d like to see Reid’s proportional contributions to the Mormon Church (and other charities for that matter) lined up next to Romney’s.  Say what you will about Romney (and I’ve been very critical), but the word that always comes to mind when contemplating Romney’s public career is grace—which is not a word you’ll ever hear attached to the image or memory of Harry Reid.  Guttersnipe is closer descriptive of his public conduct.  Repulsive human being is probably more accurate.  Reid is so awful that substitute NFL refs would look down on him, fergawdsakes.


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