Support Tom Cotton For Congress

Tom Cotton’s relationship with Power Line goes back to 2006, when he was leading a platoon in Baghdad and authored a famous letter to the New York Times–the Times didn’t print it, but we did, and it became an internet sensation. Now Tom is running for Congress in Arkansas’s 4th District, and we are delighted to endorse him as one of the Power Line Pick Six. Tom is a brilliant guy, a ferociously hard worker, and an old-fashioned patriot who will be a leader in Washington from the time he steps off the airplane. Earlier today I caught up with Tom on the campaign trail and recorded this interview:

And here is a 15-second ad, “Fight Through the Fire”:

Tom’s campaign is going well. Bluntly, he is going to win. But don’t let that deter you from going here to donate to his campaign, follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and learn more about his positions on the issues. In this race, you won’t just be supporting a Republican; you will be supporting a young man who will be one of the stars of the conservative movement for many years to come.