That’s It??

I take back every criticism I made of Romney’s speech last week.  Next to Obama, Romney was Demosthenes.  I’m not the first to say tonight of Obama’s speech: That’s it?? I’m reminded of the story George Will likes to tell about Orioles manager Earl Weaver, who once said to an umpire after a blown call, “Are you going to get any better, or is this it?”  That now applies to Obama.  If this is his high water mark, he’s going to lose the election badly.  I’m actually starting to feel good about Romney’s chances tonight.

Alas, I have to catch a cross-country plane first thing in the morning (Friday), so I’ll be out of action most of the working day.  John-Scott-Paul: Hold down the fort tomorrow.  Oh, wait, the State Department says we shouldn’t use the phrase “hold down the fort.” apparently it is offensive to some minority groups.  They’re serious:

Watch your mouth — everyday phrases like “hold down the fort” and “rule of thumb” are potentially offensive bombshells.

At least according to the State Department.

Chief Diversity Officer John Robinson penned a column in the department’s latest edition of “State Magazine” advising readers on some rather obscure Ps and Qs.

Robinson ticked off several common phrases and went on to explain why their roots are racially or culturally insensitive. The result was a list of no-nos that could easily result in some tongue-tied U.S. diplomats, particularly in an administration that swaps “war on terror” for “overseas contingency operation” and once shied away from using the word “terrorism.”

For instance, Robinson warned, “hold down the fort” is a potentially insulting reference to American Indian stereotypes.

Well, I’m going to go hit the hay now anyway, even if “hit the hay” is offensive to certain grass-eating ungulates (sure there is a caucus for these in the Democratic Party by now).  Screw ’em if they can’t take a figure of speech.