Lessons for Latinos

Obama’s Univision interview this week was intensely interesting. It was revealing, even if it didn’t reveal anything we don’t already know about him. It put his obvious and deep dishonesty on display to an audience of presumed supporters to whom he was otherwise eagerly pandering. Nowhere was this truer than in his discussion of his failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform as promised in the course of the 2008 campaign. The Breitbart video below captures the heart of Obama’s comments.

Looking for the video this morning, I found John Nolte’s post making the points I had intended to make:

First off, Obama addresses Ramos and the audience as though they’re children in need of a history lesson: Let me sit here and explain to you children how the three branches of government works. You obviously don’t know this because if you did, you never would’ve asked such a stupid question.

Secondly, Obama’s brazenly misleading here. One fact Obama and the corrupt media would love for us to forget is that for two long years Obama enjoyed blank check approval in both chambers of Congress (including a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate). But during this time, not once did Obama submit anything in the form of immigration reform, even though he most certainly could’ve gotten it passed. Which makes what he said about Republicans all the more outrageous[.]

Nolte quotes from the linked ABC News summary observing: “The president said that he was also taken aback by the resistance he said he received from Republican lawmakers when he reached out to them about an immigration bill, especially from those who previously supported such measures.” Obama then cynically acknowledged an imaginary flaw: “I am happy to take responsibility for being naive here,” he said. Thank you, Mr. President.

Nolte heatedly asks: “What in the world do Republicans have to do with anything when you own the Executive and Legislative branches of government for two freakin’ years?” It is a mistake to take anything Obama says at face value. He is a torrent of misinformation, disinformation and falsehoods wrapped in arrogance and condescension.


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