The Obama Administration: Complete Disaster, or Total Catastrophe?

How about an impromptu Power Line Video Contest for the election home stretch?  No cash prizes this time—just some good conversation here on the site.  I’m inspired by our faithful reader and frequent commenter Steve Litvintchouk, who reminded us about the famous collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940.  Legend has it that one of the engineers who helped design the bridge offered the explanation, “Musta put the decimal point in the wrong place.”

Anyway, watching the video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster once again inspired the question: is the Obama Administration more like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge—a slow-motion disaster by the harmonic resonance of its terminal bad ideas, or more of complete sudden catastrophe like the Hindenburg?  The Tacoma Narrows Bridge could stand in for the faltering GDP performance of the country.  But the Hindenburg more closely conveys the catastrophe that is Obama’s foreign policy.  Compare and contrast, and then weigh in.  (Or you can go for the World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster, in the third video below; the scene resembles the Obama cabinet riding out of control.)

Or, we can do this with a second category: which feature disaster movie most begs for an Obama remake?  Is it The Towering Inferno, about the conflagration of Obama’s immense ego and self-regard?  Or perhaps The Poseidon Adventure, where our mighty captain finds the world turned upside down?  Titanic always works—the story of an up and comer named Jack Dawson Barry Obama whose titanic ego runs into the cold hard reality of the world.

Nominations are open in the comments section.  (Extra credit for working out the story line and movie poster for Obama’s remake of Gore’s horror film An Inconvenient Truth.)


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