Unpacking Obama’s DNC energy promises and distortions

In my live-blog of President Obama’s speech to the DNC, I said that, when it comes to the parts dealing with energy, it would take multiple posts to expose the president’s deception. For starters, here’s a brief statement by Thomas Pyle, the president of American Energy Alliance:

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of Solyndra’s bankruptcy, Barack Obama made the latest in a four year string of empty promises about his plan to achieve American energy independence. Despite his pledge to create 600,000 jobs in the energy sector and 1 million new manufacturing jobs, President Obama has presided over the worst economic recovery in a generation. He has refused to permit the Keystone XL pipeline, which would create tens of thousands of jobs, and he has instituted a de facto embargo on offshore energy development that has left the Gulf coast economy struggling to recover. At every turn, President Obama has denied access to taxpayer owned energy resources on federal lands, including more than a trillion barrels of oil sale.

President Obama has a record, and he cannot run from it. He’s waged a three year war on coal, directed a federal regulatory assault on the hydraulic fracturing technologies that are responsible for our natural gas boom, and enacted numerous policies that prohibit American job creators from unlocking more than 200 years of oil supply that lies under our feet and off our coastlines. Meanwhile, he’s spent the country into the poor house by pumping billions of taxpayer money into Solyndra-style renewable ventures, in some instances increasing the handouts by as much as 1700 percent.

America indeed has a choice. The United States must not embrace the failed policies of the past three years that have led to higher energy prices, more restrictions on domestic energy production, and reward the president’s political cronies with lucrative loan guarantees at the expense of hardworking Americans who deserve a better use of their tax dollars.

America’s energy future is less secure, less independent, and more expensive because of Barack Obama’s policies. It is unlikely that the next four years would offer a different course under his continued leadership.