Weekend Odds and Ends

Now that both conventions are over, the new NFL season is starting, and the fall wine grape harvest and crush approaches, I’m going to take a very brief interlude to catch up on a few odds and ends, and unleash my inner Andy Rooney.  Like what’s up with this confusing signage in the toilet of my airplane today?  So can we smoke or not?  (For that matter, why do planes still have “No Smoking” signs that can be turned off?)  Maybe there’s no contradiction here—perhaps the bottom sign means you can smoke so long as you only smoke bent cigarettes?

And would you believe that there is a Churchill connection to what appears to be the origin or first use of the now-ubiquitous indispensible teenage term OMG!  Here’s the 1917 letter from First Sea Lord Jackie Fisher to Churchill that closes with OMG in its current usage.  OMG!  WK?  (Who knew?)

And this just might be the most imaginative personalized license plate ever:

Next—separated at birth?  Is this really Stephen Fry . . . or William F. Buckley?

Oh what the heck, since we’re doing photos, I can’t resist one more time.

Oh what the heck, I can't resist. . .


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