Welcome to Sioux City, President Obama!

This is the sign that greeted Barack Obama when he landed at Sioux City, Iowa’s airport (SUX) to campaign:

“You didn’t build that” is a classic instance where all the king’s horses and all the king’s men–i.e., not only Obama administration spokesmen but their minions in the media formerly known as mainstream–couldn’t reassemble Obama’s words into something palatable. Everyone knows what Obama said, and what it meant. His spinners whine about “context,” but, as we wrote long ago, the context makes it worse, not better. Obama’s point was that some entrepreneurs are willing to pay higher taxes, and you should be willing to pay higher taxes too, since, however successful you may have been, it was really the government’s doing. So by rights, your money is the government’s. That was the context, and no more repellent idea has ever been advanced by any American politician.


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