Why would anyone doubt the prospects for peace in the Middle East?

Driving around this morning, I listened briefly to a Friday news roundup show on public radio (the two local sports radio stations were running ads). During these few minutes, the discussion turned to Mitt Romney’s statement expressing deep pessimism about the prospects for a peace agreement in the Middle East. A female panelist, or perhaps the host, said in that smug, dismissive tone we often hear from MSM types, that Romney’s statement is contrary to “40 years of Republican policy.”

Put aside the question of whether pessimism is a policy, as opposed to an attitude. It seems not to have occurred to this mindless partisan that (1) if reaching an agreement in the Middle East under which two states live in peace and security has been Republican (and, indeed, Democratic) “policy” for 40 years and (2) no such agreement has been reached during all of that time, then (3) Romney’s deep pessimism is probably well justified.

It’s too much to expect objectivity from MSM commentators. Here, it was too much to expect the commentator even to understand how her attempted pro-Obama talking point cuts.


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