Would you like to be???

Jim Pinkerton fantasizes an alternate universe in which the mainstream media covers the Democratic National Convention’s voice vote rejecting the platform amendment including God and Jerusalem. Los Angeles Mayor Anthonio Villaraigosa was, you may recall, presiding over the convention as King for a Day. Exercising his royal prerogative, he declared the amendment adopted despite the audible opposition expressed three times over by the Democrats in convention assembled.

Pinkerton’s alternate universe conjures up a close-up media look at the voice vote in which a sound meter might be used to assess the outcome. Pinkerton’s fantasy may bring back warm memories of Jack Bailey and the long-running television program “Queen For a Day,” in which the winner was determined by an applause meter reflecting the intensity of support for the day’s candidates for the royal treatment. In the interest of history, a 1960 episode has been made available for viewing online.

“Queen For a Day” is a program whose format of competing sob stories has otherwise been incorporated into the Democratic National Convention, minus the applause meter and Jack Bailey’s constraints of taste. I last found an excuse to write about “Queen for a Day” and the Democratic Party in this (still somewhat timely) 2008 post.

Via Newsbusters.